how many gallons does a betta need

How Many Gallons Does A Betta Need

An experienced betta fish owner can use a minimum of 2.5 gallons fish tank for a betta fish. A small container, however, is not a suitable home for a betta to live... Read more »
Betta Fish Swim Bladder Disease

Betta Fish Swim Bladder Disease: What’s the Best Cure?

They classify betta fish as bony fish. Bony fish have a specialized organ known as the swim bladder. This organ’s function is to maintain the fish’s buoyancy as it navigates various depths.... Read more »
how often do you clean a betta fish tank

How Often Do You Clean A Betta Fish Tank

A regular cleaning schedule is a part of owning an aquarium. In the case of betta fishes, a weekly cleaning maintenance routine is important to provide them a healthy environment where it... Read more »
Betta Fish With Velvet

Betta Fish with Velvet: How to Treat and Prevent it

You may suddenly notice that your betta looks as though it has specks of gold dust all over its body whenever it passes under the aquarium light. It may be suffering from... Read more »

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Best Betta Dropsy Treatment

Best Betta Dropsy Treatment and Prevention

Just when you thought having a pet fish would make your life easier, wait until you get a hold of bettas. Betta fishes are attractive and a pleasure to have. But the... Read more »
How Do You Know If Your Betta Fish Is Dying

How Do You Know If Your Betta Fish Is Dying

We always see our pet Betta fish everyday and learn its behavior and usual reactions. Months go by and suddenly something seems off. It is stressful to find out that your Betta... Read more »
Do Betta Fish Need Oxygen Pump

Do Betta Fish Need Oxygen Pump and Why?

We use air pumps in the aquarium hobby to provide air movement into the water column of the fish tank. This creates bubbles from the bottom of the tank through an air... Read more »
Betta Fish Popeye Treatment

Betta Fish Popeye Treatment: How to Cure Your Fish from this Disease?

Betta fish Popeye is a sign of infection around a betta fish’s eye. It can be an infection of the eye alone or a sign of a more serious internal disease. As... Read more »

What Is The Lifespan Of A Betta Fish

Having a pet Betta fish is one of the first things that get people into the hobby. You pass by a pet store and see their 5-gallon display aquarium with lots of... Read more »
Betta Bacterial Infection

How To Deal With Betta Bacterial Infection?

Fish diseases that bacterial infection causes are such a pain in the head. There’s no easy way out in treating a bacterial infection on betta fishes. It costs time, money, and most... Read more »