how to take care of a baby betta fish

How to Take Care of a Baby Betta Fish

Baby bettas or betta fry are delicate, and like all other babies, they need utmost care. Additionally, they have a weak immune system that makes them more prone to diseases. It is... Read more »
Halfmoon Fighting Fish mating, spawning, breeding close up photo

How Long Does It Take For Betta Fish To Mate?

Breeding Betta fish as a hobby or for profit is a rewarding experience. You can learn so much about the Betta fish’s behavior and life cycle when you pursue this project. Male... Read more »

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How To Know If Betta Fish Is Male Or Female

How To Know If Betta Fish Is Male Or Female?

We must know the gender of our Betta fish. This will prevent problems when setting up a community tank where you shouldn’t put a male betta and a female betta together. Breeding... Read more »

Different Types Of Betta Fish Based On Physical Features

We can all agree that the Betta is a popular aquarium pet fish. Bettas have captured the awe and admiration of hobbyists ever since the discovery of these fishes. Through a process... Read more »