How to Care for a Betta Fish in a Vase

How to Care for a Betta Fish in a Vase

There are arguments on the use of vases as containers for betta fish. It is said that buyers lose their fish within a few weeks of keeping them to vases. Water temperature,... Read more »
how to take care of a baby betta fish

How to Take Care of a Baby Betta Fish

Baby bettas or betta fry are delicate, and like all other babies, they need utmost care. Additionally, they have a weak immune system that makes them more prone to diseases. It is... Read more »

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Why Does My Betta Fish Stay at the Bottom of the Tank

Why Does My Betta Fish Stay at the Bottom of the Tank?

Betta fish owners will know if their bettas are acting strange. One of the unusual behaviors is when the betta lays at the bottom of the tank frequently. They would even stay... Read more »
How to Transfer Betta Fish from Cup to Tank

How to Transfer Betta Fish from Cup to Tank

Recently bought a betta fish? You may get your betta fish in a cup or a plastic bag when you purchase them from a store. But a cup is too small for... Read more »
How Often Do Betta Fishes Poop

How Often Do Betta Fishes Poop?

Betta fish are live animals and will need food to survive. Your betta will not store the food forever inside itself. The waste product of food digestion is poop which comes out... Read more »
Betta Fungal Infection

Betta Fungal Infection: Symptoms and Best Treatment

Betta fish are usually one of the first options chosen by people new to the aquarium hobby. Pet stores put them in small containers usually in an area where the buyers can... Read more »
Betta Fish Swim Bladder Disease

Betta Fish Swim Bladder Disease: What’s the Best Cure?

They classify betta fish as bony fish. Bony fish have a specialized organ known as the swim bladder. This organ’s function is to maintain the fish’s buoyancy as it navigates various depths.... Read more »
how often do you clean a betta fish tank

How Often Do You Clean A Betta Fish Tank

A regular cleaning schedule is a part of owning an aquarium. In the case of betta fishes, a weekly cleaning maintenance routine is important to provide them a healthy environment where it... Read more »
Betta Fish With Velvet

Betta Fish with Velvet: How to Treat and Prevent it

You may suddenly notice that your betta looks as though it has specks of gold dust all over its body whenever it passes under the aquarium light. It may be suffering from... Read more »
Best Betta Dropsy Treatment

Best Betta Dropsy Treatment and Prevention

Just when you thought having a pet fish would make your life easier, wait until you get a hold of bettas. Betta fishes are attractive and a pleasure to have. But the... Read more »