What Is The Lifespan Of A Betta Fish

Having a pet Betta fish is one of the first things that gets people into the hobby. You pass by a pet store and see their 5 gallon display aquarium with lots... Read more »
Betta Bacterial Infection

How To Deal With Betta Bacterial Infection?

Fish diseases that bacterial infection causes are such a pain in the head. There’s no easy way out in treating bacterial infection on betta fishes. It costs time, money, and most of... Read more »

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Halfmoon Fighting Fish mating, spawning, breeding close up photo

How Long Does It Take For Betta Fish To Mate?

Breeding Betta fish as a hobby or for profit is a rewarding experience. You can learn so much about the Betta fish’s behavior and life cycle when you pursue this project. Male... Read more »
How To Know If Betta Fish Is Male Or Female

How To Know If Betta Fish Is Male Or Female?

We must know the gender of our Betta fish. This will prevent problems when setting up a community tank where you shouldn’t put a male betta and a female betta together. Breeding... Read more »
betta fish ick

How To Cure Betta Fish Ick The Right Way

Ick on your bettas are unsightly to look at. They can take away the beauty that makes bettas unique. Take note that this can lead to your bettas’ last resting place if... Read more »
Betta Fish Aquarium Setup

Betta Fish Aquarium Setup: All You Need To Know

If you’re interested in taking care of betta fish and turning it into a hobby, then you need to know how to take care of them. And it all starts with your... Read more »
Can You Put A Betta Fish With A Goldfish

Can You Put A Betta Fish With A Goldfish? Short Answer: Nope!

Two of the most popular aquarium pet fish species are the Betta and the Goldfish. These are both very attractive and many beginner fish keepers will probably go to the local fish... Read more »

Different Types Of Betta Fish Based On Physical Features

We can all agree that the Betta is a popular aquarium pet fish. Bettas have captured the awe and admiration of hobbyists ever since the discovery of these fishes. Through a process... Read more »
What Color Gravel is Best for Betta Fish

What Color Gravel is Best for Betta Fish

The material you put for the bottom of your aquarium is a very important part of a betta fish tank. That layer is the substrate. Choosing what color of gravel can help... Read more »
Are Betta Fishes Easy to Take Care of

Are Betta Fishes Easy to Take Care of Compared to Others?

Taking care of a betta is possible for those who are new to fish keeping. Knowing the origin, characteristics, and needs of this unique fish is important to take care of bettas.... Read more »