Can you use tap water for betta fish

What’s The Best Water For Betta Fish?

If you don’t know what the best water for betta fish is, then don’t worry because we got you covered! Providing your betta fish a pleasant home means you need to note... Read more »
Can 2 female betta fish live together

Betta Fish Names

For Red bettas CherryBlazeFiredragonDragonDragoSplashGladiatorRockyScorpionFlashMaxBingoSparkyMr Fin For Blue Bettas OceanMobyWaveBarracudaSharkMoCharlieChas For White Bettas GhostSpiritWhisp For Yellow Bettas FlareSunnySunshineGoldie For Black Bettas StealthLurker Names from the Greek & Roman Myths Aries (god of war)Mars... Read more »

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