Are Live Plants Good for Betta Fish?

Are Live Plants Good for Betta Fish?

We usually see fish tanks with several essentials including plants that your pet may enjoy. But the question is: are live plants good for betta fish? Choosing the right live plants for... Read more »
Do Bettas Like Light

Do Bettas Like Light? All Your Questions Answered!

A well-lighted aquarium full of decor such as driftwood, rocks, and plants will surely give you a pleasing sight to look at as you relax in front of your fish tank. Good... Read more »

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How To Keep A Betta Fish Tank Clean

How to Keep a Betta Fish Tank Clean: Step by Step Guide

Keeping your betta fish tank clean will be a responsibility every aquarist has to learn. Learning how to keep a betta fish tank clean is a must for all fish keepers. This... Read more »
Best Live Plants For Betta Fish

15 Best Live Plants for Betta Fish in Their Tank

If you are more into aesthetics when choosing a pet fish, then you are in for a treat with betta fishes. Those attractive colors as they swim across the water is such... Read more »
How Long Can a Betta Fish Live in a Fishbowl

How Long Can a Betta Fish Live in a Fishbowl?

A fishbowl has gained the reputation of being a death sentence for fish and a symbol of cruelty on fish keeping. Keeping a fish inside a fishbowl is not for a beginner... Read more »
Best Gravel For Betta Fish In The Tank

7 Best Gravel for Betta Fish in the Tank

Betta fish are fun to have as a pet. Those attractive colors that shine as they swim around your fish tank gives you a relaxing feeling that can ward off stress. But,... Read more »
Do betta fish need a lid on their tank

Do Betta Fish Need a Lid on Their Tank?

The answer to the question, “do betta fish need a lid on their tank,” is a resounding YES. Betta fish can jump out of their containers especially when the water surface is... Read more »
What is the Best Betta Fish Tank Available

What is the Best Betta Fish Tank Available?

If you decided to have your own fish at home, then you’ve just come to the right place. Having pet fishes aren’t only therapeutic as they can help you relax, but they... Read more »
Can betta fish live in tap water

Can Betta Fish Live in Tap Water?

The natural bodies of water where the Betta fish live do not have chlorine mixed into it. That is basically the major difference with tap water. You can mix chlorine and chloramine... Read more »
How often should you change betta fish water

How Often Should You Change Betta Fish Water

Providing your betta fish the best kind of water in its tank will be one of the most important responsibilities of a betta fish owner. At the same time, learning how often... Read more »