Can Betta Fish Live in Tap Water?

Can betta fish live in tap water

The natural bodies of water where the Betta fish live do not have chlorine mixed into it. That is basically the major difference with tap water. You can mix chlorine and chloramine with the water … Read more

How Big Should a Betta Tank be?

how big should a betta tank be

The rice paddies and shallow streams in the Southeast-Asian tropical countries are the natural habitats of Betta fish. The seasons are both the hot summer season and the wet rainy season.  During the scorching summer … Read more

Do Bettas Need Air Pump?

Do Bettas Need Air Pump?

As with most fishes, do bettas need air pump as well in their tanks? An air pump for an aquarium is a device used to bring air into the water column. You can plug it … Read more

Can I Add Warm Water to a Fish Tank?

Can I add warm water to a fish tank

Before answering the question, “can I add warm water to a fish tank?” let’s talk about betta fish and learn more about it. Betta Splendens commonly known as the Betta originated from the tropical country … Read more

Can Betta Fish Live in Cold Water?

Can betta fish live in cold water

Betta fish originated from the tropical countries of Southeast Asia specifically in Thailand. Thailand is known before as Siam hence they also call betta Siamese Fighting Fish. Knowing that the climate in that region is … Read more