Betta Fish Names

Can 2 female betta fish live together

For Red bettas CherryBlazeFiredragonDragonDragoSplashGladiatorRockyScorpionFlashMaxBingoSparkyMr Fin For Blue Bettas OceanMobyWaveBarracudaSharkMoCharlieChas For White Bettas GhostSpiritWhisp For Yellow Bettas FlareSunnySunshineGoldie For Black Bettas StealthLurker Names from the Greek & Roman Myths Aries (god of war)Mars (god of war)Poseidon … Read more

How to Decorate Fish Tank

how to decorate fish tank

A nicely decorated fish tank will be pleasant to look at and will also give your fish places to hide so they can feel relaxed and have better health. Here are the steps for decorating … Read more

Betta Fish Care in a Nutshell

betta fish care

One betta to a bowl Never put two male bettas together in the same aquarium. Think very carefully before you put a male and female betta together in a community tank – if they decide … Read more