How Often Should I Feed My Betta

How often should I feed my betta

Buying a new pet comes with what seems to be an endless learning experience. The question, “How often should I feed my betta” is surely up there too. Give your betta fish high-quality food designed … Read more

All About Betta Fish Bowl Size

betta fish bowl size

What size bowl or tank can you keep your betta fish in? Opinions vary widely, but anything between one and five gallons is probably okay for a single betta fish. Half-gallon bowls can be used, … Read more

Betta Fish Names

Can 2 female betta fish live together

There is nothing more fun as an owner than thinking of a name for your new pet! Although fishes are naturally quiet, giving them a unique and fitting name can help you get to know … Read more

How to Decorate Fish Tank

how to decorate fish tank

A nicely decorated fish tank will be pleasant to look at and will also give your fish places to hide so they can feel relaxed and have better health. Here are the steps for decorating … Read more